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Einkorn & Flax Banana Muffins

Banana muffins are a family favourite, so I wanted to create a nutrient dense version that used these beautiful local ingredients and that you can feel confident eating and serving your family - like I do. Feel free to add chocolate chips, walnuts, or other add-ins that you love.

Makes 12 muffins. Takes 40 minutes.

This recipe is a big win in Manitoba local grains! Today I'm compiling recipes that highlight MB winter grains & products that we're expecting at the end of January for the Adagio Acres Winter Grain CSA - read all about this wonderful program here. If you're just learning about it now, make sure you join the Adagio Acres mailing list to get a heads up for registration next fall!

Einkorn is our 'new' favourite ancient grain flour and we are so happy that it's grown locally and organically! Year around, I buy Deruyck's Organic Einkorn Flour via Luna Field Farm deliveries to Brandon, MB, and you can, too! Just check out the Luna Field Order Form for available products and upcoming deliveries to Brandon and Winnipeg.


This delicious, nutty flour is an ancient grain, meaning it hasn't been genetically modified and has been consumed by humans for thousands of years. Though it contains gluten, it's been found to be more highly digestible and nutritious than genetically modified wheat across many vitamins and minerals, and it has significantly more protein content. Einkorn flour substitutes well into a lot of recipes compared to whole wheat flour and produces a soft, flavourful outcome - here is what I've found:

  • 1:1 substitution in tortillas and flatbreads, including pizza dough

  • Up to 50%, swap into bread dough

  • 1:1 in many muffin & quick bread recipes (experiment starting at 50%)

  • 1:1 in pancakes and waffles


I stacked this recipe with another awesome local product. In this age of adding seeds to our diet for healthy fat, fiber and protein, aren't we fortunate to live in the prairies where flax and hemps seed superfoods are abundant?

What makes flax a superfood? Flax is another ancient plant, and the seeds are loaded with protein, fiber and healthy omega-3 fats, as well as other nutrients!

I hope this recipe gives you the confidence to try these beautiful Manitoba products. These muffins freeze well for 3 months.

Please share with your friends and let's shift the dial on local food, true health and sustainability in Manitoba.

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