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Soothe Winter Stress with this Adrenal Support Latte

By Elizabeth Cancade, Culinary Nutrition Guide @livingsimplykitchen

Try this soothing Hot Cacao Latte to ward off stress and cold. Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash.

I know firsthand - when winter feels deep & dark, nothing beats the coziness of hot beverage. If life right now has you feeling tired and rundown, you might find yourself turning often to caffeine and sugar - so here's an alternative for you!

Why It Works

First off, this latte is free from inflammatory ingredients like refined sugar and other additives that trigger uncomfortable symptoms and aggravate biophysical stress responses. Instead, this latte is made with all-natural ingredients that provide health benefits each in themselves.

Cacao vs. Cocoa

You'll notice my recipes often call for raw cacao in place of cocoa powder. Raw cacao is a powder of the least refined cacao and so it has retained the most nutrients compared more highly refined cocoa powder. If you want the most health benefit while enjoying cocoa-based treats - make this simple swap and buy organic cacao powder next time you need it. Substitute it 1:1 in any baking calling for cocoa powder.

Cacao is loaded with stress soothing, feel-good compounds like valeric acid, magnesium, and mood-lifting polyphenols among others, as well as being a mild stimulant.

I also include the optional Maca powder here. You'll want to seek out Maca powder if you're fighting with energy levels, libido, or hormone imbalance. Studies indicate that Maca helps the body regulate and adapt to stress and change.

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