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Adagio Acres
Winter Grain CSA 2023


The annual Adagio Acres Winter Grain CSA is a highlight of my year. It makes me absolutely gleeful to unpack all of the unique products that were grown, harvested and shared with such care.

Now the challenge is to use them... each of the products we receive are nutritious, whole, health supporting foods that we can build meals around and as a Holistic Personal Chef & Culinary Nutrition guide, I am here to help!


I put together a collection of 13 recipes that will help you explore and enjoy the bounty.  Sometimes the products are new to us, or we get stuck preparing them the same way over and over.  Try these recipes for some new inspiration and important basics (like cooking old-fashioned oatmeal or simply millet). 

The Recipe Collection Includes:

~ Cinnamon Millet Breakfast Bake ~ Fruit & Hemp Bowls ~

Einkorn & Flax Banana Muffins ~ Mediterranean Wild Rice ~

~Savoury Mushroom Stew~ Millet & Cauli Mash ~

...and more!

I focus on recipes that are simple, yummy, and inspiring.  I want you to enjoy your time cooking and have it be a source of happiness and satisfaction for you. At Living Simply Kitchen, I offer many virtual culinary services that help reconnect you to joy & health in the kitchen:

Download the Recipes for Local Food by entering your email in the box below and you'll have instant access to the collection.

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