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Custom 5-Day Meal Plan

A 5-day meal plan package with recipes and grocery list customized to your life and dietary needs.

Whole, healthy, seasonal and delicious.

$65 CAD

5-Day Meal Plan Plus

One customized 5-day meal plan with all recipes, grocery list, prep schedule ideas, and tips on your unique superfoods and routines, plus a one hour overview coaching session to get you going successfully and followup by email


$125 CAD

Personalized Monthly Program

A monthly program including two 1-hr sessions per month and support in between by email or text. Includes meal plans, additional recipes, cooking tips, prep ideas and teaching on special topics, and we evolve according to your needs over time to ensure your changes are sustainable. Clients usually end up doing 4-6 sessions (2-3 months).

$180 CAD per month

Custom 1:1 Programs

Build your culinary skills along with me, so eating well becomes easy and joyful. I work with you to emphasize local, seasonal whole foods, meal planning and prep, and kitchen organization.

  • Custom meal plans with real, simple, health supporting food

  • Private coaching and monthly programs to help you move towards your intentions

  • 'Real Food Kitchen' Pantry Cleanouts

  • Seasonal 5-Day Wellness Experiences

  • GOING LIVE SOON!  'At Home with Living Simply Kitchen' - Small, private Mighty Network communities for 1) Seasonal Meal Plans & Support 2) Good Mood Food Meal Plans & Support

Sessions are virtual over Zoom.  I take into consideration your needs, budget and schedule, and create something that is truly doable for you. I optimize food use and leftovers, and try to reduce waste or unnecessary ingredients. You will use various cooking techniques to create quick meals, or more involved meals, as well as employ meal planning and prep strategies to simply your mealtimes!


Ready for a change? Get in touch to learn more.

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