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Good Mood, Seasonal Food - 
with Elizabeth Cancade
Culinary Nutrition Guide & Joyful Kitchen Enthusiast

The Kitchen as Your Happy Place

Just imagine! Feeling peace and happiness in the kitchen as you easily prepare real food that supports your wellbeing and makes life feel GOOD again.

This is where I come in.  I'm a certified Culinary Nutrition Guide who is passionate (some would say obsessed) about creating the tools you need for a happy, whole food kitchen in the northern Prairies. From meal planning to meal prep, using new ingredients or old ones in new ways, stocking your pantry, fridge and freezer with real food, and the kitchen skills to bring it all together - I'm here for you. 

If you're ready for inspiration, or you've been on the hamster wheel of life and relying on highly processed food for a while, it's time for a change. Check out my current programs below as well as my signature seasonal recipes to begin your journey today. 


NEW! HEALTHY & HOLISTIC WEEKLY MEAL DELIVERY SERVICE as your personal holistic chef. Check out what

I offer as a personal holistic chef in Brandon & Souris, MB.

I also create custom meal plans and nutrition & wellness programs - more on what's available here.

Image by Heather McKean


Walk into your kitchen and know that you’ll be able to choose foods that will keep you energized and going strong all day long.


On the blog! Culinary inspiration,

meal planning, tips & tricks from

my kitchen to yours.

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